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Project description

The aim of SITE is to bring together a number of regional transport authorities representing the 5 member states in the Atlantic Area to work together on the development of smart ticketing products and to address the barriers to interoperability of tickets.

New ticketing products will be introduced and evaluated in pilot projects in the different regions. The ultimate goal is that residents of Region A will be able to purchase a smart ticket that can also be used in the transport networks in the other regions, thus contributing to a reduction in the use of private motor vehicles in Atlantic Area cities and regions.

However, before this can be achieved, a number of complex barriers need to be overcome. The authorities will work closely together on a variety of topics such as:

    Ticketing products and pricing;
    Ticketing equipment – on- and off-vehicle;
    Rules & regulations;
    Revenue apportionment between regions/operators;
    Sales systems;
    Back office systems;
    Customer interface;
    Pilot project implementation and monitoring.

These issues will be addressed in order to set up standards that can easily be adopted by all cities and regions in the Atlantic Area and to trial interoperable systems that will facilitate improved continuity of transport networks.

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