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The aim of the project is capitalize Atlantic urban parks, boosting their potential contribution to urban sustainable development. It aims to give answer to some common challenges in the cooperation area trying to define some models of urban planning based on available natural resources.

Partners represent cities with important urban parks and natural resources: Santiago de Compostela, Angers, Pau, Limerick and Braga (these three represented by supra-local entities). The objective is jointly looking for answers to improve urban planning from a sustainable perspective.

The project foresees to create an Urban Virtual Laboratory to coordinate the main project’s products: a transnational GIS inventory of urban parks and other urban natural resources; a study about Atlantic urban parks and their contribution to urban sustainable development; a Common Urban Action Plan and a Training Plan for local public workers and technicians in environment and urban planning.

The communication plan has been designed accordingly to the objectives agreed. In this sense, the project has an ambitious communication plan focused on disseminating project’s results and the support received by the Atlantic Area Cooperation Programme. Finally, it is also important to note the partnership is fully conscious about the importance of a good internal management and follow-up systems. For this reason there is also foreseen a well structured coordination plan for the whole partnership.

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