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The European project NEA2 aims to co-ordinate and sustainably develop the marine leisure sector in each of the regions along the Atlantic Area (including training organisations, boating marinas, manufacturing, retail and activity providers), through the stregthening of co-operation on three themed strands: economic development, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. For each of these themes, the project forsees the realisation of a number of common actions each undertaken by a number of the participating international partners, and a number of local actions each managed by individual regional project partners.

Made up of 23 European partners to run for a total of 3 years (Jan.2009 – Dec.2011), NEA2 was approved by the Atlantic Area Transnational Cooperation Programme (Interreg IVB), under which it will benefit from an intervention from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). This project follows on from the first NEA project (Nov.2004 – Oct.2007), Interreg IIIB project which was very successful having brought together 11 partners to deliver a common objective: the co-ordinated development of the watersports tourism sector.

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