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Imaging technologies, through interactive applications, allow the identification and opening of new markets, as do most information technologies that follow a ‘supply creates demand’ logic. The target market referred to local authorities and specific institutions representing a strong potential for the AA, to enhance its historical and cultural heritage as natural heritage and built environment.

Imaging technologies are one of the challenges faced by the information society and knowledge economy. The economic opportunities and job creation in this ‘technology-creative’ sector are significant to the regions. Building a proactive transnational supply to promote the opening of markets and to enhance their development remains IMAGINATLANTICA’s main objective.

For that purpose, the project aims to create a sustainable digital imaging technologies cluster in order to develop the potential of a transnational centre of competencies to be built under the project’s operations (sectors : education, research, professional, local) through the enhancement of the Atlantic heritage to test a networked cluster. Project activities are based on three main areas: education, economic development and heritage enhancement.

One of the main relevant results is the creation of the Imagina Atlantica Promotion Agency, whilst developing experimental activities over the life of the project, such as: a network of companies, festivals, artists and professional knowledge of the AA in the areas of imaging technologies and promotion of digital heritage; the dissemination of a tourism product based on innovative technologies for the digital enhancement of the AA; a digital art contest open to students, young professionals and designers to create innovative projects that promote digital heritage; professional exchange programmes for schools and universities, companies, festivals; and finally, the creation of a collaborative web platform.

The project aims to contribute towards the development of a strong public-private partnership, capable of testing the synergy of creative potential based on new information technologies, communication and image through transnational projects, it intends to stimulate the creation of an AA ‘Euroregion of creative multimedia imaging industries’, supported by an agency to promote the transnational potential of the participating regions.

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