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FAME is an ambitious strategic transnational co-operation project which will enable the protection of the Atlantic marine environment. The FAME project will be delivered by partners from 5 countries (UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal) who have interest, knowledge and expertise in the marine environment, ranging from seabird tracking & monitoring to mapping, data analysis and engagement with the offshore renewable energy and fisheries sectors.  Marine wildlife does not respect country boundaries, and so by working transnationally the partners will be able to safeguard the Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment.


Oceans and marine life define the Atlantic Area. The protection of key areas for biodiversity at sea is not as widespread as on land. Each country is at a different stage in the process of designating marine protected areas (MPAs), and so there are opportunities to learn from other’s experiences.  The partners will monitor and track seabirds throughout the Area and, by combining this data with oceanographic information, produce comprehensive maps to inform the designation of MPAs. The partners will communicate with a range of stakeholders in the marine environment, to minimise the impact of man’s activities on important areas for marine biodiversity. This will be done through an interactive GIS website, conferences, workshops and publications. The project will also develop recommendations on the future management of MPAs.


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