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EASYCO aims to build a Polycentric Infrastructure for Operational Ocean Modelling in the whole Atlantic Space joining capacities from all the 5 countries to forecast hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry at the regional scale using grid sizes of a few km’s.

EASYCO is a transversal project producing results for a wide range of users, including Navigation Safety, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Coastal Management and Meteorology. Direct end-users are institutions requiring results at the regional scale and indirect end-users are all the institutions requiring information at the local scale - e.g. Coastal managers, fish farmers, ports, water companies, water authorities - usually provided by SME’s.

EASYCO builds on the successful experience gathered within the project EASY focused on currents and waves in the Iberian zone, widening its scope through the contribution of extra teams from France, Spain, Ireland and UK.

More information can fe found at the project web site:

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