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The focus of the CISNET project is the creative industries sector. Particular emphasis will be placed on specific sub sectors within this growing economy. The aim of the project is to enhance business activities of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in this sector through the development of new products, access to markets, access to technology and expertise. In order to develop more cohesive and beneficial approaches to technology and technology transfer, the project will have a tight focus. 

The project will oversee the establishment of a ‘Virtual City’ to bring the scale and diversity advantages of metropolitan areas to the dispersed regions of the Atlantic Area.  This will be set up in the five regions involved.  It will provide a market place, marketing, technology and innovation stimulation and resources, which will be sustainable for the entire Atlantic Area after the end of the project.


In order to enhance the trans-national business opportunities and activities of SMEs, and present value added and sustainability in terms of cohesion in the above regions, the project sets out to deliver a number of objectives.

§  To define, identify and promote creative industry clusters in the five Atlantic Area regions

§  To identify and involve technical and enterprise support bodies in the support of the clusters across the regions

§  To develop a ‘Virtual City’ encompassing the following elements:

§  To enable a number of firms to participate in joint working with other firms or support bodies, to improve or develop products or processes or access to markets

§  To enable firms and entrepreneurs to attend identified trade or media events to promote their businesses

§  To set up a sustainable web based marketing platform to enable firms to promote and sell their products

§  To identify the hurdles faced by the SMEs, and develop a number of business and technical activities to help them overcome them

§  To assist and support people to start up new businesses.

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