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CANTATA2 is an intensification of an Atlantic Area Interreg IIIB pilot project, ‘Cantata’ focusing on Atlantic Area tourism development, connecting SMEs and exploring networks in order to exploit local potential and improve competitiveness.  This successful pilot project exceeded its targets and was popular with local businesses.

 Poher (France), Montemor-O-Velho (Portugal), Shannon (Ireland), Galicia (Spain) and Denbighshire (Wales) are all rural regions with a wealth of character, tradition, history and gastronomy that are often bypassed on the way to bigger and better known tourist spots. 


Developing trails and tourism products and embracing the latest technology to capture the attention of visitors is the focus this time. Most importantly, businesses are being assisted to create products and tools that work for them.

Cantata2 was officially launched in October 2009 and further information about the project and its partner regions can be found here or on the project website



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