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The shipbuilding sector was once a key sector for the AA economy. Although the current level of activity is relatively diminished, it continues to contribute significantly to local and national economies and has a strong impact on the employment market in these regions. In fact, the shipbuilding culture in the AA is extensive, with industrial installations, know-how, a skilled workforce and potential for innovation, proving that it has great potential for locally generated growth.

In recent decades this sector has lost ground, mainly because of competition with the countries of the Far East and other regions of the EU (such as the Baltic states). The AA countries have been implementing distinct and specific strategies to recover the situation. However, the approach followed requires consistency and long term planning.

The AUXNAVALIA project, which preceded the AUXNAVALIAplus project, made the first steps towards establishing a critical mass of knowledge and improving the competitiveness of the shipbuilding ancillary industry in the global market, promoting and improving innovative processes and collaboration between administrations, research centres and shipbuilding communities.

To give continuity to these results, the main objectives of the AUXNAVALIAplus project are to encourage knowledge transfer from the academic community to the shipbuilding ancillary industry in a tangible way and to modernise the business sector and its ability to study and exploit markets and new opportunities successfully.

To contribute to improving the competitiveness of the shipbuilding ancillary industry, the project has established a set of activities aimed at: promoting the sector's ability to innovate and management procedures and structured planning; developing transnational business plans and mobilising companies to work together with an intense transnational focus, encouraging knowledge transfer between research bodies and SMEs; continuing the work developed under the AUXNAVALIA project, keeping the Shipbuilding Atlantic Platform alive, designing and promoting new R+D+i projects; helping SMEs to adapt their business plans to the new demands of the market; and contributing to overcoming the environmental challenges of the region.

AUXNAVALIAplus contributes to implementing strategies for the recovery the AA shipbuilding sector by developing collaborative R+D+i projects supported by a Technology Information Service and defining model business plans with practical case studies and preparing an Innovation Agenda for the AA Shipbuilding Ancillary Industry, to improve competitiveness, so that it becomes a key sector for energising the respective local economies once again.


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