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In general SMEs have a disadvantage in terms of access to Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) in innovation processes. Knowledge Intensive Services (KIS) such as ICT services, R&D, consultancy, strategic management and business intelligence can help overcome these obstacles and achieve an effective KTT as an interface between SMEs and knowledge providers, supporting SMEs in their innovation processes. Companies in KIS work closely with business customers, know their needs and limitations, are in a good position to connect with sources of knowledge and promote innovation and strategic processes and thereby contribute to a true knowledge economy.

The main objective of the ATLANTKIS project is to improve the KTT in innovation processes of SMEs, by creating favourable conditions for the development and promotion of KIS in AA as an area of excellence and dynamism of this economic activity.

During the implementation process, the project adopts a methodology to identify and transfer best practices across a regional policy that allows for the promotion and development of the KIS sector. The good practices identified and examples of new models are widespread in regions of AA and other EU regions. This methodology involves, first, working in several phases: diagnosis, identification and exchange of good practices, experimenting with new models and networking, but also the development of communication networks and stable cooperation, by creating a collaboration platform open to all companies of KIS in the AA.

The project's expected results are: a diagnosis of demand and supply, degree of KIS companies’ international expansion, a range of skills’ specialization in KIS by sectors, identifying the key barriers to use in AA and the Guide of Good Practices and action plans aimed at business creation of KIS for a fast growth, the promotion of innovation in business KIS, the regional and transnational grouping and adjustment between demand and supply of KIS.

KIS stand out today as one of the fastest growing areas in the Services sector and are one of the main priorities of innovation policy at a European level. The ATLANTKIS project, through a virtual collaborative platform, provides means of disseminating regional diagnostics, sharing best practices and specialized information that will contribute to the promotion and development of the knowledge economy and transregional market of supply for Knowledge-Intensive Services, essential to support AA SMEs in their innovation processes.

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