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ATClusters is a European Territorial Co-operation Project funded under the Atlantic Area Operational Programme (2008-1/10 - Priority 1 Objective 3) to explore real possibilities of transnational cooperation among clusters in the Atlantic Area (existing or under creation ones), and in connecting them together in order to facilitate their development.

The project is led by the Galicia Regional Development Agency (IGAPE), in partnership with other Regional Development Agencies in Spain (IDEPA from Asturias, SODERCAN from Cantabria), Ireland (South West Regional Authority), France (Gretagne Innovation) and Portugal (ADRAVE from Val do Ave).

Project activities include benchmarking cluster situation and cluster policy in the regions, knowledge dissemination and support to cluster development and co-operation.  Project will evaluate and benchmark regional cluster situation and policies; and encourage effective cooperation between regional clusters, identifying and promoting Atlantic Area meta-clusters. It is expected that the project will bring concrete results in better cluster policy management in the regions increased co-operation both at cluster manager level and at business level, through concrete joint projects.  

Total project budget is € 1,161,042, € 406,364.70 as partner co-financing and € 754,677.30€ financed by the ERDF through the Atlantic Area Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme.

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