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Atlantic Europe is made up of 33 regions stretching across a coastline of 1,550 miles, home to around 70 million inhabitants. These regions are characterised by a strong identity, linked to their proximity to the ocean and displaying great natural and cultural diversity. They are also very vulnerable due to the pressure, of human and natural origin, that they are subjected to: urbanisation, coastal erosion, pollution, etc. The various risks are also potentially accentuated by the effects of climate change: an increased number of storms, flooding, etc.

In this context, the ANCORIM project intends to strengthen the operational capacities of coastal decision-makers and managers in the Atlantic regions, with the aim of confronting coastal risks. To do this, it intends to create a network of the scientific and technical resources existing in the European Atlantic area, as well as to provide tools to aid decision-making, and to promote examples of good practices in the various areas concerned. The project does not involve developing scientific research work but rather intensifies operational exchanges between the scientific community and decision-makers, with a view to improving the prevention and management of coastal risks.


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