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2.1. Improve maritime safety.
2.2. Sustainable management and protection of the resources of marine spaces.
2.3. Exploit the renewable energy potential of the marine and coastal environment.
2.4. Protect and promote natural spaces, water resources and coastal zones.

21 projects in the area of the environment and protecting and valuing natural resources, with the aim of developing protection and management tools for water and marine resources, for protected marine areas and coastal areas, for information systems, modelling, forecasting and mapping of the oceans and fisheries, for monitoring water quality in ports, for systems for environmental risk prevention and adaptation to climate change, mitigation of oil spills and other potentially dangerous substances, for robotic systems for interventions on the high seas, for new economic activities in the renewable marine energy sector and the production chain for compounds obtained from marine resources and waste, and promoting the marine environment.

Each Lead Partner is responsible for the updating of the information displayed. Some sections have a limited access to the partners only.

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